August 25, 2017

Rules and Regulations

The Warsaw Corporate Film Festival competition is organized by:

Warsaw Corporate Kinga Kopka
NIP: 5242631244

in association with:

Warsaw Corporate Joanna Jankowska
NIP: 5272661617

1.1 To submit a film to the festival’s contest, fill out the registration form located at, and send it via e-mail to
1.2 Each film can be submitted to several categories. It is possible to submit several videos or a whole series.
1.3 After completing and submitting the registration form, you must pay a registration fee and upload the film to the FTP server of the festival. In special cases works can also be sent on DVD to the festival’s office address after submitting a registration form.
1.4 The registration process will be completed after the registration fee has been paid.
1.5 Organizers and jurors are not allowed to submit films to the festival’s competition.
1.6 In the festival’s competition there is no minimum number of entries for a given category.

2.1 We only accept films produced between 2015-2018.
2.2 The length of the video should not exceed 60 minutes.
2.3 Given the international nature of the festival, all films must have English subtitles.
2.4 All submitted videos must meet the following specifications:
Format: .mp4
Resolution: 1280×720 or 1920×1080.

3.1 Submissions are open until 28th February 2018.
3.2 The organizers reserve the right to extend the deadline for submitting applications.

4.1 Participation in the festival contest and award ceremony is payable. Cancellation of the application is not possible. Entry fees or any other fees are not refundable and are not subject to any legal appeal.
4.2 The cost of submitting one film into one category – € 275 (VAT excl.)
-The cost of submitting one film for each category – € 100 (VAT excl.)
-The cost of filing each subsequent film into one category is € 200 (VAT excl.)
-The cost of submitting the series – € 700 (VAT excl.)
-Participation fee – € 190 per person (VAT excl.)
4.3 The organizers reserve the right to change price-list.

5.1 The registration of a film implies a transfer by the participant of its distribution rights on all audiovisuals for the diffusion of all or part of the registered film for:
• Its projection in front of the jury and public of the Festival
• The representation of extracts in the Festival information programs
• The presentation of awards
• Its broadcasting on our website
5.2 In this respect, the participant guarantees that he holds and / or certifies to have acquired the distribution rights necessary for the registration of the film to the competition in respect with the present regulation. The entrant bears all costs of copyright infringement that may occur through the publication of the film.

6.1 The prizes will be awarded by the jury to the winners or their representatives present in the room at the award ceremony. A diploma will be given to each of the nominees. The selected participants will be informed of the decisions of the selection committee, by e-mail or phone, at the beginning of March 2018.
6.2 Grand Prize winner will be announced at Awards Ceremony.

7.1 The jury will award Gold and Silver prizes by category. After the awarding of the prizes by category, the jury will award Technical Prizes among all films.
7.2 The Grand Prize will be selected by the jury from all candidates who have obtained Gold in their category.
7.3 Awards will be given at the Gala Awards Ceremony. The event can be attended by everyone willing.

8.1 The Official Jury will be composed of professionals of communication and experienced filmmakers.
8.2. The Jury deliberations will take place in April. The jury members will collectively watch all submitted productions for a given category and then, by voting, they will select the best ones. The Chairman of the Jury will supervise the voting process.
8.3. Adiovisuals will be judged on the basis of artistic value, clarity and credibility of the message as well as technical quality.
8.4 The decisions of the jury will be without appeal.

The Festival organizers reserve the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.